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Hello beautiful people of Internet. For those who are interested in beauty buys  and wondered about some of these products just keep reading.

So starting from the Naked foundation from Urban Decay in shade 4.0. I am just loving this foundation and it is my long time favorite item and I keep rebuying it.  It’s a great coverage and it last almost whole day and don’t forget to shake it before you use it.  That Sephora pro foundation brush helps apply it perfectly. NARS translucent setting powder workes great , it gives that soft matte finish look and I apply it every time.  I’m sure everyone heard about The Pore fessional and you know how great this stuff is, but if you don’t you should definitely try it, this little thing minimize pores and make you skin really smooth. Concealer from NARS in color Vanilla to be honest with you I’m not completely satisfied with it, I feel like it looks really heavy on my face. I will give this concealer a second chance and try to buy another one later. Because of that I bought another concealer from Maybeling in Ivory color. I love everything about this concealer from the packaging to the coverage. Drugstore cosmetics can be as good as brand one.  Moving on to the lip products this Baby Lip  crystal from Maybeling is really moisturizing and gives this baby pink color with sparkles to your lips. MAC lip liner in Boldly Bare color, this color is just amazing it is something between red, pink and brow. If you looking for the perfect color and that Kylie Jenner lip color this is what you need. Last but not least hair product from Pantene overnight serum. This stuff workes great, all you need to do is to apply 2 pumps on your hear over the night and in the morning you will see the difference right away, my hair became so soft, smooth and most importantly non sticky and smells great.