Christmas DIY Room Decor


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I just uploaded my new video about Christmas DIY Room Decor. Check out my post too.    

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Ok, you definitely don’t want to miss this post. I started my own YouTube channel where I will share more ideas with you guys. You all noticed it is a Christmas season, that is why my first video is about how you can decorate your room without spending fortune. I’m sure you will love it . Please click the link below to go to my channel where you can like and subscribe for more amazing videos. I have so many ideas in my head I just need time to recreate them. Thank you for reading.

Link to the video

Beauty buys for June 


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Hello beautiful people of Internet. For those who are interested in beauty buys  and wondered about some of these products just keep reading.

So starting from the Naked foundation from Urban Decay in shade 4.0. I am just loving this foundation and it is my long time favorite item and I keep rebuying it.  It’s a great coverage and it last almost whole day and don’t forget to shake it before you use it.  That Sephora pro foundation brush helps apply it perfectly. NARS translucent setting powder workes great , it gives that soft matte finish look and I apply it every time.  I’m sure everyone heard about The Pore fessional and you know how great this stuff is, but if you don’t you should definitely try it, this little thing minimize pores and make you skin really smooth. Concealer from NARS in color Vanilla to be honest with you I’m not completely satisfied with it, I feel like it looks really heavy on my face. I will give this concealer a second chance and try to buy another one later. Because of that I bought another concealer from Maybeling in Ivory color. I love everything about this concealer from the packaging to the coverage. Drugstore cosmetics can be as good as brand one.  Moving on to the lip products this Baby Lip  crystal from Maybeling is really moisturizing and gives this baby pink color with sparkles to your lips. MAC lip liner in Boldly Bare color, this color is just amazing it is something between red, pink and brow. If you looking for the perfect color and that Kylie Jenner lip color this is what you need. Last but not least hair product from Pantene overnight serum. This stuff workes great, all you need to do is to apply 2 pumps on your hear over the night and in the morning you will see the difference right away, my hair became so soft, smooth and most importantly non sticky and smells great.




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Whoever interested, yesterday I switch to self hosted site with my own domain. It is not completely finished but it would mean a lot to me if you would check it out and subscribe. Thank you 🙂 click here —–> My new blog

Summer inspiration 


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It is a summer season right now so here is some images that will inspire you. Лето уже здесь, если у вас сейчас плохая погода, негрустите. Надеюсь эти картинки вас вдохновлять. 

June Ipsy bag 


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So this is the first time I received my IPSY box and I am going to tell you that one of my favorite thing about this subscription box is a make up bag that comes with the order each month – different bag. June make up bag is all black with a neon zipper and it looks great. What was in the bag I received ? #1 Keratherapy Daily Smoothing Cream. Funny story: first I thought it was a lotion but when I actually read the description it turned up to be a hair product, you apply it on a towel dried hair and blow dry it, that makes your hair look healthier, smoother and it looks like it’s glowing on the sun. Loving it.  #2 Dr. Brandt helps to get rid of blackheads all you need to do is to apply product for a 5-10 mins and wait till it turns light blue color and then wash it off.  #3 Photo Finish foundation primer from Smashbox I wanted to try this product for a while and I am glad that I get to test it out. This stuff  is really great it makes your skin smooth and makes it look even after that you can apply foundation. #4 Liptitude from beauty is a lip stain that stays on your lips for a whole day. It is strongly pigmented and it smells like peppermint, mine is in a color red.  I love this kind of lip tints. Last but not least #5 mini shadow crayon from TrèStique in Venetian Gold color. The packaging is great this gold color with shimmers looks great on the sun and good for the evening make up. It lasts for a whole day. That’s it for the June IPSY box can’t wait for   more to come. 

 Это первый раз что я получила IPSY и я собираюсь рассказать вам что было в моей коробочке, одина из моих любимых вещей в этой коробочке это косметичка, каждый месяц – разная косметичка. В июнь косметичка  вся черная с неоновой молнией  и это смотрится здорово. Что было в коробочке которую я получил? # 1 Keratherapy Daily Smoothing Cream. Забавная история: сначала я думала, что это был лосьон, но когда я прочитала описание, оказалось, что это продукт для волос, его нужно нанести на полу сухие волосы и высушить после этого волосы выглядят здоровыми, гладкими, и красиво смотрятся на солнце.  # 2 Dr. Brandt помогает избавиться от угрей , нанысите продукт и подождите 5-10 минут когда продукт станет голубого цвета и тогда смойте. # 3 Photo Finish foundation primer от Smashbox я хотел попробовать этот продукт уже некоторое время и я рада что теперь могу попробовать его.  Этот продукт виравнивает кожу и макияж смотрится очень ровно и красиво. # 4 Liptitude от beauty эта помада-блеск остается на губах в течение всего дня. Очень пигментированная и пахнет мятой, в красном оттенке. Я люблю такие продукти для губ. # 5 мини-тени карандаш от TrèStique в венецианском золотой цвете. Очень классная упаковка, золотой цвет переливается, выглядит здорово на солнце и хорошо для вечернего макияжа.  Тени хорошо виглядят в течение всего дня. Это все для коробочки за Июнь, не могу дождаться следующих коробочек.  

Adore Me Box


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Good morning! So few days ago I received my Adore Me order and I want to share with you what I got.  So what I got with the order was two swimming suits. You can also see some of my beach assentials.  One of the swimming suit it black , I really like the style of it, plus I never had black one. The other one is also my favorite is a white one with polka dots with neon accent. I can’t wait till I get a chance to go to the beach. For more pictures follow me on Instagram @natalianovak  


Subscription boxes


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You probably heard a lot about these subscription boxes people going crazy about. I was subscribed to Adore Me  .

   box for a while and I am loving it there are so many choices of lingerie for women and you choose which one to order. They all adorable you should definitely check it out. I am exited to try as many subscription boxes as I can. So recently I subscribed to IPSY box and I am exited to try it next month. So here is a list of subscription boxes you might be interested in.

Tea Sparrow  .

  is a box which sends four different loose tea. I am a huge fan of tea and iThis seems like a great box to subscribe to.

If you are coffe person this box is for you MistoBox 

  It is a great way to look for a new tastes.


  box is a good way to find healthy snacks for yourself like different kinds of fruit, chips, vegetables and others.

Birch box   is on of the most popular beauty boxes on my opinion, this might be the next box I will subscribe to. 

 FabFit  .

  is also one of the population beauty boxes right now.

If you in love with nail polishes this box is for you Julep  .  

Herbal Bliss  .

  I think this name tells everything for itself, if you all about that healthy green life style this is for you.

Here is only some boxes that may be interesting for you. You would definitely try some of them. I will write more posts about beauty boxes. Thank you for reading ❤

Coachella / Коачелла


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 Some of you may not know what Coachella is all about. It is a music festival in Palm Springs, CA.  Many bloggers, celebrities and everyone else go there every year to see their favorite artists, enjoy music, show their creative outfits and just have a great time with their friends. People are coming to Coachella from different states and countries just for the weekends for two weeks. I have been to Palm Springs week before Coachella festival and it is a nice tourist city with lots of hotels and places to visit. If you never been to California that is a good place to visit when it is Coachella season. I personally have never been to Coachella festival but I really want to go there next year. If you decide to go there don’t forget it is a desert and at daytime it is really hot there and may be sandstorms but at night it gets really cold and windy. That is why you better prepare as much as you can.

Некоторые из вас могут не знать, что такое Коачелла . Это музыкальный фестиваль в Палм-Спрингс, Калифорния. Много известных людей туда также приходят каждый год, чтобы увидеть своихлюбимых  исполнителей , наслаждаться музыкой, показать свои творческие наряды и просто отлично провести время со своими друзьями. Люди приходят на Коачелла из разных штатов и стран, только на выходные в течение двух недель. Я была в Палм-Спрингс неделю до фестиваля Коачелла, и это интересный туристический город с большим количеством гостинныц и местами для посещения. Если вы никогда не были в Калифорнии, которая является хорошим местом для посещения особенно когда Коачелла сезон. Я лично никогда не был на фестивале Коачелла, но я очень хочу пойти туда в следующем году. Если вы решите пойти на Коачелла не забывайте что это пустыня и в дневное время там осень жарко и могут быть песчаные бури, но ночью становится очень холодно и ветрено. Поэтому хорошо подготовтесь.